The Latest Conspiracy That Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind!

There are always some people with ample time and little common sense who keep on coming up with such crazy music conspiracy theories. The latest one doing such rounds is that Stevie Wonder is not blind.

The fact remains that Stevie Wonder became blind due to birth and bad hospital conditions. The retinas of both his eyes was affected and this made him blind. This was way back in 1950 when he was born. But now the Internet truthers are coming out with saying that he has been sighted all this while! In fact it was the general public that has been blind to this fact since then!

And this is not just a statement. A lot of research has been done to back this opinion. Various blogs are being considered. Next is the interview with ESPN star Bomani Jones, who has always maintained that Stevie Wonder can see. And he has always been quite vocal about it.

Next, there is a video about a concert at White House. In this It is clearly seen that Stevie Wonder has picked up a falling mike. This video is supposed to strengthen the fact that the star can see. Next, there is another video that was taken during “The Oprah Show.” In this Stevie Wonder is seen hugging a man with whom he had been singing.

Now suspicions can arise anywhere. But any sane person can easily see that all this is something that is highly ridiculous. There is not an iota of suspicion here. But still there are ample people around who are spreading around such conspiracy theories. Checkout this site to learn how to sing really good like Stevie!

You can find a number of blogs on the Internet claiming this and many many other similar bizarre theories. The good thing here is that most people can easily spot the ridiculousness and ignore such totally useless things.