Did we land on the moon and other fun tidbits.

land on moon

If landing on the moon was one of the ultimate achievements of mankind then why is it that so many conspiracy theorists are absolutely determined to prove that it never happened?

This is something that I have entertained and contemplated for quite some time. The moon of course stands out to us as the largest object in the night time sky and also the most obvious place to visit in the stellar neighborhood. It was not easy according to all believers in the moon landing. The money and resources that it took to reach the moon was absolutely phenomenal. Today such a feat would have been in the billions of dollars and would have cost more than the military expenditure in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

One of the conspiracy theorists first questions though when it comes to the moon landing is why and how did we have so much money being funneled into the moon program back then in the first place? The conventional answer is that it was all for the cold war. The same old story that we hear is “We had to beat the Russians!” but for a lot of conspiracy theorists that old argument just does not hold water.

These conspiracy theorists contend that we could barely finance the program today so there is no way that the United States of the 1960’s could afford to undertake such a massive expenditure just to put a couple of guys up on moon rock. Many of these theorists contain that it was precisely because of the cold war arms build up that we would never have had enough cash to pay for a moon landing.

Well then if you believe these guys of the unfeasibility of a moon landing then how do you explain what the whole world saw on their television set in 1969? Wasn’t those grainy images clear proof that man had finally landed on the moon?

The conspiracy answer to that is to claim it was a hoax. A simply made, not even very good Hollywood production that was mean to simply pretend we beat the Russians. Conspiracy theorists point to a lot of what they call inaccuracies that are present in moon video and photos as well.

One big claim as proof of a hoax is the fact that no stars can be seen in any of the photos of Buzz and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. You look out at the lunar sky and you expect to see the stars right? Yet in the photos there is nothing but blackness. NASA has explained this as the fact that the moon’s surface is so luminous; it reflects so much sunlight that it makes the stars unable to be seen.

But conspiracy people just don’t buy it and say that it was either a complete mishap on the production department who created the hoax or that the production company realized that they would never be able to accurately reproduce all of the intricacies of constellations so they omitted them completely. So while landing on the moon is considered one of the greatest achievements of mankind; according to the conspirator in the corner it never happened.