Did Ancient Atlantis Exist?

I recently saw the best documentary in the world on you tube! It was a piece over the Ancient Mystery of Atlantis, which is s classic and a personal favorite of my own. This documentary is pretty in depth going back to the original transcripts of Plato’s myth it follows modern researchers as they try to trace the footprints mentioned in Plato’s original narrative.

Call me crazy but I always envisioned Atlantis to be deep in the Atlantic Ocean, the conclusion of these researchers however was that Atlantis was a dried up marsh bed in Spain. I had never heard this one before. But their research was impressive. Apparently images from space reveal some surprising features of this part of the world that match Plato’s original description.

Plato described the city as being composed of rings with a great central island at the epicenter. These things can be traced out in NASA photos. What’s more is the recent discovery of an ancient man made rectangular structure in what would have been the central island, according to Plato this would have been the great temple that was the focal point of the whole society.

This is all rather interesting but I don’t caught buy that we are on the verge of discovering the great lost city of Atlantis anytime soon. While certain shapes of whatever these structures are may convince us the resemble Plato’s ancient description. Other aspects of the theory just don’t add up.

Atlantis was supposed to be the most high tech society of the ancient world they had a technology which according to some conspiracy circles may have even rivaled our own in certain areas. So with all of this legendary hype to live up the idea that Atlantis is a smelly swamp in Spain is just too depressing to bare!