The True Fact Behind Home Remedies To Cure Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life, and sometimes it is hard to evade it. It is rather important to know how to deal with stress at a personal level, more so if you do not have the money to see a psychiatrist. The following are some discussions on the truths behind home remedies to cure stress.


They have a lesser side effect

Home remedies used to bring down the rate of stress hormones have been proven to have lesser side effects compared to synthetic drugs such as the benzodiazepine. A good example is passion flower which is believed to lower brain activity and give someone a feeling of relaxation. It does not alter the production of stress hormones directly, and thus it is less harmless.

They are less costly

Using home remedies is less expensive since it involves primary methods that people can perform on their own. This is in sharp contrast to visiting a specialist where it costs a significant amount of money. With home remedies, one can do simple things like sleeping, avoiding the internet and meditating’ or just everyday tasks that help overcome stress. If you want to know more about coping with anxiety attacks, read on.

They improve health

There are several remedies which serve a great purpose on improving the health of an individual. An example is exercising when you are feeling stressed. During stressful moments, most of the body’s energy is diverted into the brain where a lot of thinking and rethinking is done. If one decides to exercise, the energy is diverted into body muscle tissues, and the brain relaxes with effect that the thoughts are gone. Apart from that, it helps to burn body fat and regulates the blood pressure to a normal level thus reducing the risk of contracting further complications such as hypertension.

They enable people to learn to accept things on their own

As the saying goes, the best way to get help is to start by helping yourself. If one is used to seeing a psychiatrist, what will be their state if the psychiatrist is nowhere to be found? Home remedies enable people to learn skills of stress management and thus they can be in control of their own lives.

The Latest Conspiracy That Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind!

There are always some people with ample time and little common sense who keep on coming up with such crazy music conspiracy theories. The latest one doing such rounds is that Stevie Wonder is not blind.

The fact remains that Stevie Wonder became blind due to birth and bad hospital conditions. The retinas of both his eyes was affected and this made him blind. This was way back in 1950 when he was born. But now the Internet truthers are coming out with saying that he has been sighted all this while! In fact it was the general public that has been blind to this fact since then!

And this is not just a statement. A lot of research has been done to back this opinion. Various blogs are being considered. Next is the interview with ESPN star Bomani Jones, who has always maintained that Stevie Wonder can see. And he has always been quite vocal about it.

Next, there is a video about a concert at White House. In this It is clearly seen that Stevie Wonder has picked up a falling mike. This video is supposed to strengthen the fact that the star can see. Next, there is another video that was taken during “The Oprah Show.” In this Stevie Wonder is seen hugging a man with whom he had been singing.

Now suspicions can arise anywhere. But any sane person can easily see that all this is something that is highly ridiculous. There is not an iota of suspicion here. But still there are ample people around who are spreading around such conspiracy theories. Checkout this site to learn how to sing really good like Stevie!

You can find a number of blogs on the Internet claiming this and many many other similar bizarre theories. The good thing here is that most people can easily spot the ridiculousness and ignore such totally useless things.

A Strange New Reality

is this real

Have you ever questioned the reality that is right in front of your eyes? Have you ever wondered if the chair you are sitting on. The coffee you are drinking if any of it is real? Well apparently it does not even take a conspiracy theorist to believe these things. Because believe it or not this is one of the lead ups to string theory and physicists are in the front row seat treating such oddball ideas as scientific fact.

Leading physicists talks about the idea of particles only being material and solid when we are looking at them and the second that we take our eyes off of them they are not solid whatsoever. It is almost like that saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound?” Well according to these leading scientists it does not!

This is the theory that we are living in a visual dependent universe that things change variables fluctuate depending upon who is perceiving the stimuli. If this is a bit much for even the most ardent of conspiracy theorists to swallow don’t be alarmed! This is a tough one to chew in the scientific world as well. But some of the test results can’t deny some bizarre activity that is going on in the scientific labs all across America.

Because Physics clearly teaches that the world that we call our reality is made up from nothing more than small bits of energy called quanta. Everything you could think of has this quanta in it; from a star, to you, to your dog, to your dogs doo doo. Every single thing in the physical universe is made up of these bits called “Quanta”.

This would not be so earth shattering if these “Quanta” constituted as ordinary particles, it has been long established that everything is made of atoms, but what it is that is so odd about “Quanta” is that these so called “Bits” are not particles at all. They are not defined enough to be considered particles because they change. They go from being “particle” like to behaving more like a system of waves.

What gets even weirder is that whether or not Quanta imitate solid particle or behave as this system of waves is based on what it is interacting with. When Quanta is by itself it takes on the form of waves but when Quanta interacts with something else it becomes more akin to uncertain particles.

These mind blowing revelations have led to some spooky observations and even spookier theories in the scientific labs all across this planet. It has actually been noted that electrons in any solid surface (such as a table) respond when they are being observed. So what is all that about? Are the electrons putting on a show for human beings? This supposed science fact is starting to sound more bizarre than anything even the most bizarre conspiracy theorist can cook up!

According to a “Physics Today” article all the way back in 1985 entitled, “Is the Moon there When Nobody Looks” scientists have found that measuring these processes on the quantum level are next to impossible to do because they seem to be affected by the mere act of measurement!

This information is so strange I was after to even tell my conspiracy minded readers about it out of the strange fear I had that the second they took their eyes off of my blog I would disappear! But this is the bizarre world that has opened up with the advent of modern physics and conspiratorial theories to abound that are associated with it. Crazy ideas that all reality is dependant upon the user and just like electrons at the quantum level who constantly split off in other directions, we are constantly splitting off into other realities on a daily basis and we don’t even realize it.

There are certainly a few things I would like to make disappear by not looking at them. I tried taking my eyes off my credit card statement but when I looked back it was still there! In all seriousness though, it is a strange new reality that we have inherited.

Did Ancient Atlantis Exist?

I recently saw the best documentary in the world on you tube! It was a piece over the Ancient Mystery of Atlantis, which is s classic and a personal favorite of my own. This documentary is pretty in depth going back to the original transcripts of Plato’s myth it follows modern researchers as they try to trace the footprints mentioned in Plato’s original narrative.

Call me crazy but I always envisioned Atlantis to be deep in the Atlantic Ocean, the conclusion of these researchers however was that Atlantis was a dried up marsh bed in Spain. I had never heard this one before. But their research was impressive. Apparently images from space reveal some surprising features of this part of the world that match Plato’s original description.

Plato described the city as being composed of rings with a great central island at the epicenter. These things can be traced out in NASA photos. What’s more is the recent discovery of an ancient man made rectangular structure in what would have been the central island, according to Plato this would have been the great temple that was the focal point of the whole society.

This is all rather interesting but I don’t caught buy that we are on the verge of discovering the great lost city of Atlantis anytime soon. While certain shapes of whatever these structures are may convince us the resemble Plato’s ancient description. Other aspects of the theory just don’t add up.

Atlantis was supposed to be the most high tech society of the ancient world they had a technology which according to some conspiracy circles may have even rivaled our own in certain areas. So with all of this legendary hype to live up the idea that Atlantis is a smelly swamp in Spain is just too depressing to bare!

Did we land on the moon and other fun tidbits.

land on moon

If landing on the moon was one of the ultimate achievements of mankind then why is it that so many conspiracy theorists are absolutely determined to prove that it never happened?

This is something that I have entertained and contemplated for quite some time. The moon of course stands out to us as the largest object in the night time sky and also the most obvious place to visit in the stellar neighborhood. It was not easy according to all believers in the moon landing. The money and resources that it took to reach the moon was absolutely phenomenal. Today such a feat would have been in the billions of dollars and would have cost more than the military expenditure in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

One of the conspiracy theorists first questions though when it comes to the moon landing is why and how did we have so much money being funneled into the moon program back then in the first place? The conventional answer is that it was all for the cold war. The same old story that we hear is “We had to beat the Russians!” but for a lot of conspiracy theorists that old argument just does not hold water.

These conspiracy theorists contend that we could barely finance the program today so there is no way that the United States of the 1960’s could afford to undertake such a massive expenditure just to put a couple of guys up on moon rock. Many of these theorists contain that it was precisely because of the cold war arms build up that we would never have had enough cash to pay for a moon landing.

Well then if you believe these guys of the unfeasibility of a moon landing then how do you explain what the whole world saw on their television set in 1969? Wasn’t those grainy images clear proof that man had finally landed on the moon?

The conspiracy answer to that is to claim it was a hoax. A simply made, not even very good Hollywood production that was mean to simply pretend we beat the Russians. Conspiracy theorists point to a lot of what they call inaccuracies that are present in moon video and photos as well.

One big claim as proof of a hoax is the fact that no stars can be seen in any of the photos of Buzz and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. You look out at the lunar sky and you expect to see the stars right? Yet in the photos there is nothing but blackness. NASA has explained this as the fact that the moon’s surface is so luminous; it reflects so much sunlight that it makes the stars unable to be seen.

But conspiracy people just don’t buy it and say that it was either a complete mishap on the production department who created the hoax or that the production company realized that they would never be able to accurately reproduce all of the intricacies of constellations so they omitted them completely. So while landing on the moon is considered one of the greatest achievements of mankind; according to the conspirator in the corner it never happened.