A Strange New Reality

is this real

Have you ever questioned the reality that is right in front of your eyes? Have you ever wondered if the chair you are sitting on. The coffee you are drinking if any of it is real? Well apparently it does not even take a conspiracy theorist to believe these things. Because believe it or not this is one of the lead ups to string theory and physicists are in the front row seat treating such oddball ideas as scientific fact.

Leading physicists talks about the idea of particles only being material and solid when we are looking at them and the second that we take our eyes off of them they are not solid whatsoever. It is almost like that saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it still make a sound?” Well according to these leading scientists it does not!

This is the theory that we are living in a visual dependent universe that things change variables fluctuate depending upon who is perceiving the stimuli. If this is a bit much for even the most ardent of conspiracy theorists to swallow don’t be alarmed! This is a tough one to chew in the scientific world as well. But some of the test results can’t deny some bizarre activity that is going on in the scientific labs all across America.

Because Physics clearly teaches that the world that we call our reality is made up from nothing more than small bits of energy called quanta. Everything you could think of has this quanta in it; from a star, to you, to your dog, to your dogs doo doo. Every single thing in the physical universe is made up of these bits called “Quanta”.

This would not be so earth shattering if these “Quanta” constituted as ordinary particles, it has been long established that everything is made of atoms, but what it is that is so odd about “Quanta” is that these so called “Bits” are not particles at all. They are not defined enough to be considered particles because they change. They go from being “particle” like to behaving more like a system of waves.

What gets even weirder is that whether or not Quanta imitate solid particle or behave as this system of waves is based on what it is interacting with. When Quanta is by itself it takes on the form of waves but when Quanta interacts with something else it becomes more akin to uncertain particles.

These mind blowing revelations have led to some spooky observations and even spookier theories in the scientific labs all across this planet. It has actually been noted that electrons in any solid surface (such as a table) respond when they are being observed. So what is all that about? Are the electrons putting on a show for human beings? This supposed science fact is starting to sound more bizarre than anything even the most bizarre conspiracy theorist can cook up!

According to a “Physics Today” article all the way back in 1985 entitled, “Is the Moon there When Nobody Looks” scientists have found that measuring these processes on the quantum level are next to impossible to do because they seem to be affected by the mere act of measurement!

This information is so strange I was after to even tell my conspiracy minded readers about it out of the strange fear I had that the second they took their eyes off of my blog I would disappear! But this is the bizarre world that has opened up with the advent of modern physics and conspiratorial theories to abound that are associated with it. Crazy ideas that all reality is dependant upon the user and just like electrons at the quantum level who constantly split off in other directions, we are constantly splitting off into other realities on a daily basis and we don’t even realize it.

There are certainly a few things I would like to make disappear by not looking at them. I tried taking my eyes off my credit card statement but when I looked back it was still there! In all seriousness though, it is a strange new reality that we have inherited.